The Volvo Penta Journey for Good Data, together with Informed Decisions Consulting at Data Governance Conference Europe in London 16-19 May 2022

Volvo Penta has successfully engaged in master data governance. They have understood the value of nurturing the framework that supports and standardize data management in their daily operations. Today, Volvo Penta has an excellent Data Governance team and is an acknowledge practice within the Volvo Group. 
Join the one-hour short story on how Volvo Penta transformed a bad data to good quality data culture. The tale reveals how Volvo Penta’s Data Governance team engaged in the diligent work, pin-pointing business critical data. How they commenced the journey of rigorously cleaning and validating data creating a sustainable governance framework meaningful for the business. 

  • High lights – not to missWhat’s in it for me: stakeholder management, funding, engaging the right business representatives, getting the know-how.
  • Pragmatic thinking with automation; using what we have to automate the cleaning as much as possible.
  • There is no one size fits all solution there is manual tasks; some data still needs to be corrected or verified manually.
  • Building a value seeking data culture; keeping the standard high and preventing new quality losses. 

Håkan Edvinsson, Informed Decisions Consulting.
 Håkan is an author,highly appreciated trainer, speaker and consultant within Data Management, Data Governance and Data Architecture. He is also the author of “Data Diplomacy” (2019) and the best-selling “Enterprise Architecture Made Simple” book (Technics Publications 2013). Furthermore, he is anacknowledged contributor to the DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge 2nd edition. Twitter: @HakanEdvinsson 
Valentina Niklasson
 is the Business Information Architect and Data Governance Lead at Volvo Penta and representing Volvo Penta within Volvo Group. She has worked at Volvo Penta for 22 years in many different positions and roles within quality development and structuring of operations. That have given her experiences in driving the development of processes and lean implementations.

Per Olov Graveleij CEO Informed Decisions Consulting