ID och Volvo Penta på MDM Summit i Maj

Både ID och kund Volvo Penta höll var sin presentation under Master Data Management Conference i London den 16 maj.

Seminarie 1 – Staying ”1 in the Industry by using well governed master data by Joachim Bondeson, Volvo Penta.

Joachim Bondeson, Volvo Penta

Seminarie 2 – Getting managerial attention for data quality – Show me the benefit – Informed Decision (ID)

Håkan Edvinsson, ID

Per Olov Graveleij, CEO at ID och Joachim Bondeson, Volvo Penta

Vill du ta del av  delar av presentationerna kontakta


ID och Lantmännen

För att stötta den nya strategin inom ”the grain value chain” samarbetar Lantmännen och ID med informationmodellering, facilitering, och uppföljning .


ID medverkar i DAMA-publikationen ”Data Management Body of Knowledge” version 2.0

I ett globalt författarinitiativ  bidrar ID (Håkan Edvinsson) med kap 4, Data Architecture. Det handlar om bibeln ”Data Management Body of Knowledge” av Data Management Association, DAMA

För mer information om DAMA, besök nedan länk


ID och Malmö Stad seminars at EA conference in London 16-19 oktober

In october Informed Decision (Håkan Edvinsson and Per Olov Graveleij) will together with Malmö Stad hold a seminar about value based EA governance.

Presentation description
The City of Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, has experiences from a completely new way of organizing their enterprise architecture within their digitalization strategy. The challenge is to deploy a digitalization strategy in a large organization that fulfills various expectations from citizens, services users, politicians, co-workers and the public, were organizational units have local funding, differs a lot in services, and complies to different laws.

The traditional EA way would include a business capability approach combined with system portfolio planning aiming for a target architecture formed by architects. Instead of such invasive top-down approach, Malmö chose last year to drive, support and govern the digitalization process from stakeholder’s values. City of Malmö is now scoping, prioritizing and coordinating initiatives that strive for the same operational impacts, aiming for the same user or citizen benefits, or share the same improvement value on the society.

You will learn
• How EA work includes modelling stakeholder values and expectations, and
modelling what activities, organizational changes, technical tools, and
other levers, it takes to fulfill them.
• How the EA work has changed from promoting standardizations and searching
for technical similarities towards focusing on outcomes.
• How the EA change have had impacts on managerial level, as well how
projects are scoped and coordinated.