What will be the impact of todays decision, tomorrow?


We are experts in the ground breaking dicsipline Decision Intelligence. Learn how you can maximize outcomes and minimize unintended consequences.

We call our services Decision Driven Business Improvement.
We provide better and more reliable methods to get to you to your desired goals.

We provide organisations, who would like to improve, the increased capabilty and capacity to make better decisions faster.



– Roy E. Disney -

Informed Decisions

Great leaders make Informed Decisions - Informed Decisions make great leaders. Our clients reach their targets faster by taking right decisions. ID offers top skills within Consulting services, Knowledge Transfer, Research and Software

A good decision can be made more or less at random – anyone can get lucky. Or conversely, good decisions can be the result of a closely planned process, that takes into account and consideration a variety of factors. Good decisions can be seen as the fruit of innovation coupled with timing and decisiveness.

At ID, we strive to optimize and analyze the decision making process and the outcome. Because we know for a fact that making informed decisions can mean the difference between failure and success.

If you want to learn more about how we work, and about sowing the seeds to a brighter future, please make an informed decision to contact us today.


  • The TameFlow Approach!


    We are now offering a course in the TameFlow approach with Steve Tendon a senior, multilingual, executive management consultant, experienced in leading and directing multi­national and distributed knowledge­work organizations. 

  • DMZ in Portland starts today!


    Today, the Data Modeling Zone conference starts in Portland, Oregon, US. 

  • Project Omega


    Informed Decisions is proud to announce that we support Project OMEGA as a part of our ongoing CSR activities. 

  • Decision Intelligence seminar


    On the 17th of November, Informed Decisions is organizing a seminar about Decision Intelligence in cooperation with Dataföreningen södra kretsen  in Malmö. The topic is "Gaining Success Through Sharpened Decision Making"